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Living Well at Home Assessment

The purpose for this worksheet is to help evaluate a senior’s ability to live safely and productively at home. Going through this worksheet will not only help identify ADLs (activities of daily living) they need help with, but also help them arrive at the decision that they need help, which in the end is the toughest decision to make - accepting help in the home.

This information will be evaluated by a registered nurse as part of a formal assessment for home care. We recommend if the family is actively working with their loved one that both family members and the senior fill out this worksheet if the senior is not capable of going through the worksheet themselves; a family member can go through the worksheet as a helpful aid prior to a discussion with Freedom Care.

The Freedom Care Guarantee

Our commitment is to provide the best service. We hold ourselves accountable. If there is a problem, we make it right. If we are unable to resolve the issue, we refer clients to a service we feel would be best for them. This is our guarantee… personal, quality caregiving.